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                              *We are fundamentally opposed to the aspect of Medicaid Reform that entrusts the coordination and care of the developmentally disabled
                                                                                       of Florida to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's). 



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                                                                  Tallahassee Senate work session report
                             Newspaper / articles:  
                               -  TOPIC:  SenateWork Session on Medicaid Reform held on 11-17-10                         
                               Miami Herald
                               Florida Capitol News
                               St Augustine Record
                               The Florida Independent
                               Pensacola News Journal
                              Florida Health News  > Medicaid pilot project providers leaving due to rate cuts

                      EMAIL CONTACTS:

                      Florida United For Choice:  savemedwaiver@gmail.com

Florida United For Choice Leadership / Facilitator Group
                      Andrew, George        GeoAndrew@aol.com
                      Buddington, Tom       tbuddingtonwsc@yahoo.com
                      Clinton, Kathy            kathyclinton@gmail.com
                      Granston, Raymond  RGranston@aol.com
                      Mohesky, Laura 
                      Randazzo, Fino          Fino@FHHES.com
                      Stimson, Richard        rstimson@specialgatherings.com


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FL House of Representative = http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/ 
FL Senate = http://www.flsenate.gov/Welcome/index.cfm?CFID=102421443&CFTOKEN=59979161

                             Governor of Florida = http://www.flgov.com/contact_governor

Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)  State agency that contracts, funds and certifies service providers.
District 7 Orlando office 407 245-0440  fax= 407 245-0578    www.apdcares.org
                             400 W Robinson Street, Suite S430  Orlando, FL  32801-1728


                        Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)   It is the chief health policy and planning entity for the state. It sets rules
                            and policy for APD. The Agency is responsible for health facility licensure, inspection, and regulatory enforcement;
                            investigation of consumer complaints related to health care facilities and managed care plans; the administration of the
                            Medicaid program and the certification of health maintenance organizations just to state a few things here.

                           Delmarva Foundation Entity that monitors providers of service to persons with developmental disabilities.
Family Cafe   A non-profit statewide organization that offers educational opportunities and information on meaningful
                           topics for individuals with disabilities and their families to help them make sensible and educated decisions regarding the
                           services they receive.
Family Care Council Created by the legislature they advise the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) on the needs
                           of self-advocates and their families.  Provide information and outreach to self-advocates and families.  Review the effectiveness of
                                    APD and advise APD administrators on the community and family support systems in their area. 

 FL Advocacy Center  They advocate for and encourage consumers in a variety of ways.
                           Medicaid Reform Study conducted in 2008 by Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute stated among other
                          things that "No one can say with certainty whether Medicaid reform has saved money for the State of Florida".

                     The policy brief issued by Kaiser commission on Medicaid & Uninsured also issued findings about managed care results.

Social Security Administration  -  Our consumers receive SSI or Medicare monetary benefits from SSA.

                      SupportCoordinators.com This is a really nice website created by Victoria Nangle, a fellow support
                      coordinator in district 23 and run by Aaron Nangle.  The site offers lots of current information and news
                      updates about locating resources within the HCBS Medicaid Waiver program in Florida for providers and
WaiverProvider.Com is a directory of Florida Medicaid Waiver Providers. Every provider on our site has a website.
                                   The purpose of WaiverProvider.Com is to promote choice.





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