W E L C O M E  TO  F L O R I D A  U N I T E D  F O R  C H O I C E

                             *We are fundamentally opposed to the aspect of Medicaid Reform that entrusts the coordination and care of the developmentally disabled
                                                                                       of Florida to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's). 



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                                       Who We Are


    Who We Are (what we envision ourselves as being):

    Conceived 'Florida United for ChQice' as a GRASS ROOTS movement -this allows us to avoid some 
    of the pitfalls of other advocacy groups and organizations that have come before us.  We are for
    carving out the developmentally disabled population of the state (excluding them) from the coming
    Medicaid Reform that will have HMO's take over state and independent provider supports and

-     We aren't gping to ask for money from you -no dues other than time contributions such as emailing,
      calling, and preferably meeting with your local legislators.

      We are totally in favor of networking with other parties and groups but are not going to be co-opted by
   their agenda, Again -we are focused on preventing the surrendering of the entire service system over 
   to contracted HMO's which would eliminate choice, eliminate adequate oversight, and it would create a
   system nearly impossible for a developmentally disabled citizen and/or their family to navigate.
 I  Organized around a core facilitator group -it was a way of getting started, focused and organized FAST
   (in i the last legislative session's 2 week battle for survival) but everyone who is interested in being a
   part can and is encouraged to be a member.
   We are made up of providers (disabled persons, Waiver Support Coordinator (WSC)'s, Supported
   Living coaches, parents, family members of disabled folks, every flavor of provider, and everyone
   who is alarmed at the prospect of turning the services and care of disabled Floridians over to profit-
   hungry HMO's.  You, your friends and relatives, your caseloads, and your email distribution lists -all
   that adds up to I VOTING POWER (or what is called in this political business we are now involved in
   'Push Back.') We will
need to do this together!

   Although there are potentially over 31,000 of us, the original seven
members in the Leadership / Facilitator Group in Florida United For Choice began this grassroots movement.  Our energy and time
have been spent in organizing it and educating the thousands of people that will be drastically impacted
should the huge HMOs take control of Florida's Medicaid Waiver Agency for Persons with Disabilities
program and it's current service delivery system.  Our primary email address is listed in the www.links / email section along with the leadership group.  We invite you to join us in this noble and worthy cause. 






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